► Office lightining
► Suitable for glare control
► Good ROI (Return of Investment)
► Dimming and Emergency available




> Unified Glare Rating is lower than fluorescent tube( UGR<19)

> Provides a choice of high system efficacy levels to meet different energy saving targets

> Applications are surface mounted, recessed or pendant

> DALI dimming and Emergency mode available

> Long-life LEDs reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs

LUPO is a LED uniform panel for offices.
Designed to with innovative technologies to provide always perfect, glare-free light.
At the same time, it is efficient and flexible: qualities by which the new generation stands out as contemporary office lighting system that provides perfect lighting conditions for many situations. The family provides interior solutions in three efficiency levels – high efficiency, high output and standard. Available from 30W delivering up to 4200Lm up to 60W with 7200Lm. They can be build as surface mounted, pendant or recessed. LUPO is standartly produced with dimmensions 600mm/600mm but can be customised to the conventional sizes – 300mm/300mm, 300mm/1200mm, 300mm/1500mm, 600mm/1200mm. Standard CRI is 80 but can reach to 95 on request. With color temperature from 3000K to 6000K.  Due to the high uniformity of the emitted light and the low overall brightness, the luminaire is applicable where the unified glare rating is of importance: schools, offices, hospitals, working halls.

Technical Specification:

Model LUPO 30W LUPO 42W
Input power 30 W 42 W
Useful quantity of light 4 200 Lm 5 700 Lm
UGR <19
Power supply 230 VAC / PFC>90
Thermal protection Automatic build in
Working temperature – 25 to + 40°C
Environment protection IP20
Dimensions 595x595x50
Weight 4 kg
LED LM80 50 000 h
Application Indoor for offices, schools, hospitals


Laboratory mesurements

Light Characteristics


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